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Signing Your Will

Your Will becomes a legal valid and binding document as soon as it has been signed correctly.

Your signature must be witnessed by two other people who must be present with you as you sign.


Witnesses must NOT be the SPOUSE of a beneficiary.

Nobody who may benefit from your Will can be allowed to act as a witness. If this happens any legacy or benefit they may have received will be LOST and become part of the remaining estate.

The witnesses are only confirming that it is your signature - they do not need to read the Will and all other clauses can be covered up if required.

Witnesses should also be sure that you know what you are doing - they must be confident that you have READ your Will and that you are SOBER and of SOUND MIND.

Witnesses are also confirming that the signature is YOUR CHOICE - there must be no question of any outside influence persuading you to sign.

Your witnesses should be aged 18 years or over and be UK citizens.

Signing with Testators who are BLIND or INFIRM requires special arrangements and additional instructions can be supplied in such cases.

Sample Signatures

As the Testator or Testatrix you must write in the date followed by your normal signature. The date can be written in the simple form shown. It is not necessary to include any further details about you because you have been identified by your address or occupation at the beginning of the Will.

Witnesses are only required to add their signatures. Although it is not strictly necessary in England and Wales, it is a good idea for witnesses to also identify themselves by printing in their name, address and occupation as shown.

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