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Probate is the process to establish ownership of an estate - the property, assets and possessions of a deceased person.

When someone dies intestate, i.e. without a Will, Probate is still legally required, although the process is known as Administration.

Each Probate case is different and the time it takes will depend on its complexity, the types of assets, legal or tax complications, as well as other factors.

The Write Will Service in conjuction with Kings Court Trust Limited offer a service you can rely on. Each case will be handled efficiently and cost effectively, with a personal case manager keeping you informed and providing you with the support you need every step of the way.


Probate is a legal requirement as part of your Estate Administration when you die. If you have written a Will then Probate is the responsibility of your Executors. It can be a complex and onerous task and it is helpful to appoint a professional Executor to carry out the process and to relieve your other Executors of the burden of Probate.

Remember, none of the assets can be distributed until Probate is granted and liabilities are settled, so a swift resolution is one less thing for family to worry about at a difficult time.

You can appoint Kings Court as your Executor, which they will renounce at no charge should your circumstances change or your family request it when Probate is required.

For now, we offer you peace of mind and transparent pricing. For the future, we deliver a professional, efficient and swift service for your family, with no hidden costs.

If you need some advice on where to start, call our Probate Advice Helpline on: 0800 1075 123


Kings Court offers a unique fully inclusive fixed fee service, which means you know from the outset what it will cost. They do not charge any disbursements, there are no hidden costs and there is never a �ticking meter�.

One of our Probate Consultants will visit you, and the other Executors, in your own home to talk through how we can help you. Once they have established the complexity of the estate, we will then quote you the fixed, fully-inclusive fee for all the work involved. This includes:

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