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Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Provide comfort, reassurance and freedom from worry, financial anxiety or distress following bereavement. Our range of plans cover funeral costs, including funeral director's services, advice, fees, conveyance and vehicles, cremation or burial. Planning and paying for a funeral in advance, at first, may seem rather morbid. However, many people find that it brings great peace of mind. There are a number of reasons:

Why consider a Pre Paid Funeral Plan? Making plans for the future bring mixed feelings. It is right to concentrate on the good things, but sometimes, perhaps when you are deciding about your Will, there are things that that you would rather not think about. For example you may have not considered planning a funeral in advance, but there are several reasons why it can bring great peace of mind. Future costs may be a worry, so it makes good sense to guard against unknown price rises in the future. The Pre Paid Funeral Plan is the way to be absolutely certain that the services of the Funeral Director WILL be provided and that there will be NOTHING MORE TO PAY for these services. A funeral is usually arranged by bereaved relatives. I helps to 'do something' at times of sadness, but it is not a good time to make important decisions - which, if wrong, cannot be put right later. People may worry that their wishes will not be carried out. Relatives may be unsure what was actually wanted. Preplanning really helps. Those responsible for elderly relatives find that planning ahead actually helps reduce the inevitable stress of bereavement.

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