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Who Should I Choose To Be My Executors?

The executor or executors of your Will are responsible for carrying out the wishes expressed in your Will after your death. They will collect in your assets, pay any liabilities and then distribute your estate. You may appoint as many executors as you wish and they can also be a beneficiary under the terms of your Will. It is administratively straightforward to appoint two and no more than four. Spouses often name each other as sole executor with a further appointment upon the second death. The executors should ideally be younger than you and willing and able to act. Please ask the people you appoint whether they are willing to act. We have an information sheet about the role of executors which we would be happy to send to your chosen executors once your Will has been completed. You may prefer to name professional executors for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • The estate can be dealt with professionally from the outset.
  • The family will not be burdened with legal work at a time when they are grieving.
  • There may be matters of taxation, trusts, business assets or foreign property to consider within the estate requiring profession expertise.
  • If the interests of family members are likely to conflict it is important to have independent professional executors.

The Write Will Service recommend Kings Court Trust Limited as professional executers. They will act either solely or with other named executors. They are also happy to be named as substitute executor if your first choice of executor is unable to act. Please contact us for details.
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